Body type standards are toxic

When people start asking you if you're ‘sure’ you want to eat that doughnut, life takes on a very different hue. Suddenly, the food you eat becomes a matter of public interest, a field of study that people feel comfortable commenting on. The bigger you get, the less you are seen as an individual. You become an object of interest, an example of what not to be, a living ‘before’ photo.

I know this because I am fat. In fact, I am currently the fattest I have ever been. …

A Conversation with Till Keslin

I enjoy few things more than a good in-depth discussion. What that says about me, I don’t know, though I imagine I am not alone amongst the incredible writers on this platform.

The urge to find answers to life’s big questions and to contribute in some small way to the overarching narrative of society and progress is, for the most part, what inspires me to write.

Finding others for whom this is also the case opens up a world of discussion that challenges, excites, and perplexes in equal measure, putting opinions and standpoints through the most arduous of wringers.

I love it.

Through such a process, I partnered to develop a pair of articles, one half of which you are reading now, with Till Kaeslin, author of the fantastic queer newsletter ‘That’s Gay’. Over…

I failed because I didn't ask these. Here’s how you succeed.

When the pandemic hit, I was a trainee maths teacher at a high school in England. I had been working towards my teaching qualification for 7–8 months and only had one more term to go before graduating.

I never got there.

I usually say that my training was cut short because of the pandemic, and that is true. But there were plenty of my classmates who continued their training remotely and came out with their qualifications nonetheless. I didn’t.

The reason I didn't is because I really struggled at teaching. My training providers decided that they couldn't in good conscience…

A guy who hates me even admitted these were good

The person reading your cover letter doesn't give a shit about you. That's the very first thing you need to realise.

You are just one application in a stack of hundreds, maybe even thousands, that they have to drag their sorry ass through in order to find someone worth hiring.

I don't know about you, but if that was my job, I’d be in a pretty bad mood.

Add to that the fact that most cover letters I've seen make me so bored I want to tear out my eyes, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for how not to…

And why does that prospect scare me?

These are the sort of questions my brain likes to spring on me when I’m struggling with my mental health. When things are messy in my mind, my brain automatically tries to make everything black and white, I assume in an attempt to bring order to my chaotic thoughts.

Unfortunately, despite my brain's best intentions, all that it manages in trying to organize everything into neat boxes is make me spiral even more.

Mental health. It's a goddamn rollercoaster.

Anyway, one of the things I sometimes find myself fixating on in this manner is my identity and the labels I…

This game is about hard work, not luck

At the start of this pandemic, I quit my day job… unwillingly.

The plans I had had for my future came crashing down around me and, for the first time in my life, everything went to shit. I found myself lost and rapidly running out of funds, desperately searching for something to do as the world slowly wound down into the crisis. That's how I end up freelancing.

To begin with, I would take any job I could. Then, over time, I became more selective until eventually, I had a few long-term clients that kept me busy enough. …

Making money online isn’t always the best option

I’m pissed off.

I’ve been working as an online freelancer for nearly a year now, and, like any good lifelong learner, I’m constantly looking to improve. I’m always reading articles for tips on writing better, earning more money, and building that dream life of financial freedom.

That’s all great. I value much of the advice I read and respect the people that write it.

Recently, though, I’ve noticed something that is really starting to irritate me.

Before I say any more, I should stress that I am not thinking of any one writer or article when I make the argument…

The Wanderlust Curse.

On an almost daily basis, at the moment, I find myself sitting at my desk lamenting the fact that I am stuck in the small English city I call home. As much as I like my current home town, having spent the best part of 5 or 6 years living here has meant that there is little left for me to explore.

The solution to this, as I am sure many of you know, is to travel. By taking some time out to see a different corner of the world, not only can you have incredible experiences and make everlasting…

Queer romance is more than coming out

I love a good rom-com.

Yeah, I know, I’m playing into one of the many unfounded stereotypes of our community by fanboying over adorable meet-cutes and idyllic couples, but on this particular occasion, I’m going to give myself a pass.

Rom-coms and romantic films are my guilty pleasure…. about which I don't feel guilty in the slightest.

However, as much as I enjoy a well-written straight romance, I love a good queer story even more. Unfortunately, it appears that Hollywood still has a way to go when it comes to LGBTQ+ love stories.

Take ‘Love, Simon’ for example. It's based…

Theatre vs. Rugby: When to come out?

As things begin to open up here in the UK, I am trying to make an effort to shake off my hermit-ism by picking up some hobbies and joining some clubs. The idea is to try and meet some new people and get out into the world a bit more. You know, normal human being stuff.

Unfortunately, for queer people, moving into any new circle of people forces us to make a very important and potentially problematic decision.

To come out or not?

And if so, when?

While thinking about what hobbies I wanted to pick up, I realised the…

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