100 Articles Published!

No, I am not in the $100/month club yet. And I’m ok with that.

Sean Bennett
4 min readJul 24, 2021


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It sounds like a lot.

And, to be honest, it feels like a lot too. Over 100,000 words released out into the world since November and over 12,000 views across the whole portfolio. It's not earth-shattering or career-defining, but I still couldn't be more proud of the things I have achieved in the last 9 months.

And you, whoever you are and however much you may or may not have published, should be proud too.

When I first started creating content online, I thought I was going to take the world by storm from the comfort of my little desk. I had big dreams of being the next freelance writer who would find new angles on the big issues and give the pro journalists a run for their money.

I was, in short, ambitious to the point of delusion.

None of those things have happened, of course. And you know what?

I am totally ok with that.

The fact that even one person has read my work is enough

If I have learned anything in the last 9 months, it's that the reach of your work, or the amount that you earn from it, really needn't be that high up on your list of priorities as a writer.

Of course, professional writers need to make a living, but I also think that we need to have somewhere, some platform, on which we can simply practice our craft on our own terms. For me, that place is here, on Medium. For you, it might be a personal blog or a magazine you write for. Regardless, the act of writing for its own sake, and the for the sake of letting our voices be heard, is catharsis at its finest.

I earn my money from freelance clients and part-time writing gigs.

I keep my passion for this craft alive right here, speaking my mind and sharing what I have to say with you.

So, no. I am not the biggest writer on the internet and the New Yorker has not been in touch begging for my attention. But, almost over 250 of you felt that my work was worth following and, frankly, that's all the encouragement that I need.



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